Accommodation on the island varies from cheap-er and cheerful, to more mid-range, right up to mortgage-busting retreats!

We enjoyed staying at St Lawrence Gap (south west, in the parish of Christ Church) on our first visit as it has good hotels at a range of prices, great beaches and it’s only a short walk to ‘the Gap’ where there are restaurants, pubs and the obligatory Irish Bar! Yes, even on Barbados!

So from Thursday 12th February until Saturday 21st February, you’ll find us at Ocean Two, which is on Dover Beach, on the south west coast.

rooftop terrace
The rooftop terrace at Oceans Two
Sunset from our balcony. Never got old!

We’ve booked a one-bedroomed ocean front apartment as we loved that earlier this year. These rooms are more like flats and come complete with a full kitchen. We have also booked B&B as we think there could be a bit of drinking on the holiday so breakfast could be a saviour!

Big brekkies needed after big nights out!

Our travel agent, Gabie Deeks from Best At Travel, is super helpful and a Barbados expert! She is also very likely to get you a much better deal than the usual type websites or booking direct. You can contact her directly by emailing, or she has given us a few quotes if you would prefer to get some ballpark ideas first. Just ask Lucy to send details.

(N.B Gabie is eight months pregnant and goes on maternity leave on Saturday August 23rd so please email her asap if you would like her help! If you send her your contact details she will give you a call. Gabie is happy to help with flight and hotel packages for UK guests, or just accommodation for those from further afield!)

If anyone is interested in booking a rental property rather than a hotel we have been recommended to look at – and use the search criteria ‘Christ Church’.

Otherwise, we hope the hotel list below gives you some ideas. It is not exhaustive and we can’t vouch for any personally as we haven’t stayed at them but hopefully you will find something to suit your requirements and budgets!

We know the baby mamas will check the facilities available. Anyone who doesn’t want children at their hotel please do specify adult-only resorts!

In terms of flights from the UK, it is half-term week, so if you can travel on Thursday 12th February instead of Friday 13th or Saturday 14th your flights are likely to be cheaper.

Hotel suggestions:


Time Out Hotel

tripadvisor reviews

3* hotel with outdoor pool – not beachfront



tripadvisor reviews

3* hotel a little bit further away – $2 bus trip from The Gap


South Gap Hotel

tripadvisor reviews

3* hotel at the top end of St Lawrence Gap, reasonable prices for studio rooms with ocean views



Bougainvillea Beach Resort

tripadvisor reviews

4* beachfront hotel, 3 pools and a spa, restaurant with entertainment.’Rustic Caribbean’ feel


Infinity On the Beach

tripadvisor reviews

3* hotel on the beach front in the middle of The Gap



Yellow Bird Hotel

tripadvisor reviews

3* hotel on beachfront, two bedroom apartments available for anyone who wants to share


Ocean Two Resort & Residences

tripadvisor reviews

4* hotel, new and impressive, swim up bar and located right on the beach (through Gabie this proved only £30 more than Bougainvillea)


Turtle Beach By Elegant Hotels

tripadvisor reviews

4* all inclusive resort, v swanky!


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