Barbados is known as ‘Little England’ and is only 166 square miles in area – in other words the whole island could fit into London three times over! (Use the ‘maps’ page above to get your bearings!)

The population numbers 283,000 and there are 12,000 rum shops. Rum isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life!

rum shop
There is one rum shop for every 23 Bajans!

The island is loved by the rich and famous, who tend to all stay on the west side where the water is more calm. You have probably heard of the Sandy Lane hotel which is huge, hideously expensive and supposedly very exclusive – although we’re not sure sunbathing next to Coleen Rooney is our kind of exclusive.

We’ll be steering clear of Coleen, Kai and Klay

If you are looking to explore the island during your stay, we would recommend hiring a tour guide for a day who can give you a pretty comprehensive whistlestop tour, stopping at key attractions along the way. (You can hire a car but the road signs are few and far between… come to think of it we didn’t see any!) Let us know if you are interested and we will speak to our guides from last year – Hal and Ramone.

Hal and Ramone
Father and son tour team, Hal and Ramone

If you are interested in seeing the most incredible garden, and meeting its mad but wonderful owner, we would recommend a visit to Hunte’s Gardens, which is in the parish of St Joseph.

Hunte’s Gardens has a way of making you feel very small!

We enjoyed the views at the top of the island at St Lucy (where else?!) and if you are really keen on some proper Bajan culture then the Mount Gay Rum Distillery is the way to go! It’s both informative and lethal!

St Lucy
Views from the top of the island – St Lucy!
mount Gay
We didn’t get through all of these on our own… honest!

Our tour guide also took us through the capital, Bridgetown, which is interesting to see but in our view not especially noteworthy!

A separate day trip we enjoyed was Harrison’s Caves – a popular tourist destination in central Barbados which involves a mini train taking groups deep underground into a crystallized limestone cavern! Amazing geology but not suitable for anyone scared of the dark, or claustrophobic!

Inside Harrison’s Cave – a geologist’s dream, and claustrophobe’s nightmare!

The island’s nightlife varies from restaurants, to bars and nightclubs, and there is one pretty special attraction which we loved – Harbour Lights – an all inclusive night of food, drinks and Bajan entertainment, which you can read more about on the itinerary page!


harbour lights


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