Our wedding

We met on a beach in Thailand (thanks Jo and Millsy!), Pitch proposed on a beach in Padstow, so it seems only right we get married on a beach!

This one in fact:

Bottom Bay Beach


And to save multiple anniversaries (and Pitch forgetting!) we will get married on Lucy’s birthday – Thursday 19th February 2015.

Our ceremony will take place at 4pm, followed by a private reception at a nearby villa.

Transport will be provided to take you from Oceans Two to the beach (a 30-40 minute drive), from the beach to the reception villa, and then back to your accommodation again later.

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and bear in mind Bottom Bay can get windy (obvs!) and ladies might struggle in high heels on the sand. We have been told there is a ‘manageable’ flight of steps down to the bay.

We suggest that during the day you have some lunch and not too much sun, as the ceremony will be quickly followed by plenty of rum punch! Everything else will be provided, and if you do have any special dietary requirements please let us know so we can cater for you.

We will be joined by photographers and a videographer on the beach and at the house, so don’t be shy! And dancing will be compulsory 🙂 After all, the groom is the undisputed World Champion Wedding Dancer!



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